Persian Dragonscale Chainmaille bracelet, 100% natural copper


Persian Dragonscale is a weave by Eric Matwe. It is related to Dragonback (see my other listing), but it has a different drape and feel.

Persian Dragonscale is a plump band with a symmetrical oval cross-section - back and front are the same. It is slippery-flexible and nice to handle. As a bracelet it sits quite high on the wrist compared to Dragonback, which is flatter.

In the pictures with two bracelets, Persian Dragonscale is on the left and Dragonback is on the right.

The width is 16mm (about 5/8 inch) and it is 3/8 inch thick.

This bracelet needs to be sized correctly for your wrist: use a tape measure to get your actual wrist size and add 1 inch (1 1/2 inches if you want it loose). I will alter the toggle extension to give you a good fit. Send me a message if you want a half-size or custom fit, or if you would prefer a 15 mm stainless steel lobster claw clasp instead of the toggle.

The copper has been polished to a bright finish. It will tarnish with wear, but can be made shiny again by a brief dip in lemon juice or vinegar.

See here for the Dragonback bracelet:

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