A kinder, gentler future

So you know how you are supposed to re-make yourself every 7 years, well...

In my mid-40's I took up roller derby, under the name “G-Force!!”. I had a huge amount of fun, and made good friends. But that was a lot more than 7 years ago.

"GentleForce" is a nod to the people who told me I ought to find a less violent occupation.

Chainmaille is a very simple yet demanding form of jewelry making. The basic technique can be learned in an afternoon: you take metal jump rings, open them, link them together in various ways, and close them again.

But this simple start leads to an amazingly world of mathematical complexity and beauty that I am totally in love with.

No tools are needed except two pairs of pliers, and with patience and persistence you can make anything from a delicate silver finger ring to a battle-ready steel hauberk.

Being very near-sighted is a definite asset.

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